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World border resets

AllenCC a posted Sep 14, 14
The world border on the Faction, MCMMO Faction and TnT Factions world and nether world will be resetting to 25k
The reset will happen on 9/27/2014 so you will have 2 weeks to move your items/bases if you are too far.

The world border is in the shape of a circle with a center of 0,0 and have a distance of 25k in both directions

Monthly Vote Winners

AllenCC a posted Sep 1, 14
The winners of this months voting contest are

#1 hussamandomer
#2 __Kanga
#5 vintagefail

The winners should send me a message on the website for their prize

We have also made some changes to the top voter rewards which can be viewed at


AllenCC a posted Aug 30, 14
The updates are complete and we should be compatible with 1.7.2-1.7.10
If you are having issues with player heads or skins switch to 1.7.2-1.7.5

Prison Server Reset

AllenCC a posted Aug 29, 14
The old prison server has been deleted and replaced with our new one.
We will also be having a 20% off sale this weekend
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