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Spring Break Sale

AllenCC a posted Mar 7, 15

We will be having a 20% off sale this weekend for spring break .

Montly Voting Winners

AllenCC a posted Mar 1, 15

The winners of this months voting contest are

#1 Clockw_ Naujokas_ XeroXeny Little_Neesh fabregasMC

All tied for first place

The winners should send me a message on the website for their prize

We have also made some changes to the top voter rewards which can be viewed at

More voting milestones

AllenCC a posted Feb 26, 15

We have added voting milestones to both Skyblock servers which can be viewed with /vr milestones

The kit pvp server has also been updated with a new map and kits

Survival Games

AllenCC a posted Feb 13, 15

The old Survival Games server has been redone with new arenas and we added an additional OP Survival Games server.

We will also be having a 20% sale this weekend for Valentines day

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