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Status updated 34 mins ago

GTA 1.8 Update

AllenCC a posted Aug 19, 15

We will be updating the GTA servers to 1.8 next week.

The two servers will be offline for a few hours while we update.

We will be doing a reset on all of the rented rooms and balances. Store any items you want to keep safe for 1.8 in your enderchest, inventory, or /chest.

The winners of this months voting contest are

#1 Tied - __Kanga  Rod3y
#2 ^
#3 kyleyousif11
#4 Tied - Diego_Artala JairoTuTO Spicelord herobrinetheking Archt_Chachi_01
#5 ^

The winners should send me a message on the website or open a support ticket for their prize.

We have added Annihilation and added Guess N Draw which can be accessed via the hub.

Today is also __Roo and Archt_Chachi_01's birthday and we will be having a 20% off sale this weekend to celebrate.

Teamspeak Server Giveaway

AllenCC a posted Jul 17, 15

The winners of the $20 server shop codes are-

The winner of the premium account is-

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